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Welcome to the unofficial official sales community for shazamscans.

As we all know, doujinshi and fanning (not the cooling kind) isn't free though we'd all love it to be so We would love to continue to provide scans and scanlations for everyone's enjoyment so we need your help to help us get our fix!

We will be selling here both doujinshi that have been scanned and possibly some that haven't We will also showcase items that may not be doujinshi so you never know! Purchases will probably, most likely, almost definitely go directly toward hoarding purchasing more media for our collective pleasure. :3

Most items will be shipping from the US, some from Japan.
A pretty much ongoing group order service is run by unjaundiced who can arrange proxy orders for most shops in Japan as well.
Prices for proxy orders may vary depending on the shop and items.
Usually this will be very reasonable though! :3

Payment, shipping, and ordering information here.

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ree_rhea is leaving Japan and needs these books gone by the end of July or they will be discarded.
I have included worldwide shipping in the prices.

If you have any questions, ask me. There will be NO holds.

I have also updated some of the other Naruto general posts to include plush toys and wallets as well as some doujinshi from Digimon, Bleach, and other fandoms. Check it out!

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Everything Else ~ Cosplay, Accessories, Toys, Jewelry, Beauty Items
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~UPDATED: 2014.11.24~
Plushies & Toys ~ 29
Accessories (Phone, Bag, iPod, etc) ~ 132
Cosplay ~ 22
Bags ~ 29
Jewelry ~ 13
Cosmetics  & Beauty ~ 17

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Payment, Shipping, and Ordering Information
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Payment will be by Paypal and bank/wire transfer as first priority, snail mail second.
Well-concealed cash is completely at buyer's own risk and recommended sent Certified/Registered mail.
Postal or bank money orders and cheques are also at buyer's own risk and must be held until cleared before any items may be sent.
Payment plans accepted with an initial non-refundable 20% deposit.

Shipping from unjaundiced will normally be from the US.
First Class and Priority Flat Rate will be the first choice for shipping for all destinations.
Media Mail may be offered for domestic US shipping, but can be slow.
Insurance and Registered is extra and costs more.
EMS will be offered as a last option for international shipping as it costs more. Tracking and some insurance is free and included.

Shipping from ree_rhea will be from Japan.
Shipping may be Airmail, SAL, or EMS, tracking only available through EMS or Airmail and SAL packets under 2kg.
Shipping rates include packaging costs.

Shopping service, proxy orders, and group orders are available here.
Proxy orders may vary in rate depending on which Japanese stores the items are located.
Japanese stores may include Animate, Toranoana, K-Books, Mandarake, YouClub, and others.
Commission price will generally be 15% and should cover all proxy and exchange rate costs.
Buyer will be informed beforehand if prices will be different.

Japanese shopping service through ree_rhea is at her discretion and dependent on availability and time constraints.

Items available for purchase:
Anime and Manga
Figures and Plush Toys
Fashion Accessories and Goods
Asian Magazines, Manga Phonebooks and Craft Books
Japanese School Supplies and Stationery
Import Movies, Music, Games and Gaming Systems
Japanese Makeup, Nail Goods, Hair Care and Dye
Lolita/Visual Kei/EGA Clothing
Gyaru/Otome Clothing
Korean Goods

Hawaii stuff
Possibly anything you can think of :3

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~UPDATED: 2012.04.21~
.:Feedback Score:.
+4 | 0 | -0

This is feedback for SHAZAMsales!
This is the Livejournal feedback home for ree_rhea.
Please let us know how we did! Feedback form use not required, but helpful.
Please take all communications into consideration when leaving feedback scores.
Shipping time refers only to time before item is posted. Postal service handling time does not count.
If you have any problems, please contact us before leaving feedback!

unjaundiced has 100% positive feedback here at rubicons_closet.

.:Feedback Form:.
(pick one)
I am the: Buyer/Seller/Trader (pick one)
Communication: ?/5
Shipping Time: ?/5
Packaging: ?/5
Accuracy of Item Description: ?/5
Other Comments: (optional)

Everything Else ~ Non-fandom things, Collectibles, Books (fandom + Asian literature)
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~UPDATED: 2014.11.24~
Books ~ 20
Food Related & Traditional ~ 10
Etc ~ 1

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Other Media
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~UPDATED: 2014.12.24~
Anime ~ 21
Music ~ 31
Games ~ 12

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Manga, Magazines, Stationery, and Other Flats
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~UPDATED: 14.12.24~
Japanese Manga ~ 20
English Manga ~ 77
Manga Phonebooks ~ 65
Artbooks ~ 6
Magazines ~ 100
Stationery ~ 100+
Other ~ 50+

~Need the magazines gone. Feel free to make offers~

Paperback Heroes~Collapse )

Naruto and Durarara!! Doujinshi
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~UPDATED: 2014.12.29~
Naruto: Kakashi x Iruka ~114 [+1 SasuNaru/KakaIru]
Naruto: Het ~ 4
Naruto: Other Yaoi ~ 3
Naruto: Gen/Other ~ 1
Durarara!!: Shizuo x Izaya ~ 8
Durarara!!: Tsugaru x Psyche/Delic x Hibiya ~ 2
Durarara!!: Izaya x Shizuo (etc.) ~ 7
Durarara!!: Other Yaoi ~ 1
Durarara!!: Gen/Other ~ 1

Channel your inner ninja: Use Throw a Vending Machine no Jutsu!Collapse )

Yugioh! Doujinshi
happy sheep
~UPDATED: 2014.11.24~ Jounoichi x Yugi x Jounoichi ~ 8 Kaiba x Jounoichi x Kaiba ~ 5 Other ~ 7
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